Strayer Front Pocket Wallet

handcrafted slim wallet front thumb handcrafted slim wallet front thumb handcrafted slim wallet black and white thumb 360 degree view of Strayer Front Pocket Wallet
brown hand-stitched leather brown hand-stitched leather black hand-stitched leather black hand-stitched leather hereford red hand-stitched leather brown hand-stitched leather

Accommodates 2 or 3 cards* and 1-5 bills
Size: 2.5" x .2" x 3.5" (L x W x H)



Optional 3rd Pocket
*Add a 3rd pocket on the back—increasing the carrying capacity by 2 or 3 more cards.
Monogram ($10) ** (read more)

Featured in Esquire for Best Men's Wallet, the Strayer is the perfect accoutrement for the minimalist. It is ideal for a night on the town when you only need a couple bills, an ID, and a credit card. The Strayer remains our slimmest wallet and one of our most popular designs.

This wallet is the reason Waskerd exists. I couldn’t find a quality wallet in a design that worked for me, so I took matters into my own hands. I made the first Strayer in early 2011 and still use it every day. In April 2013, Esquire magazine named the Strayer one of the best men’s wallets — which put Waskerd on the map. (They used a photo of my very first Strayer.) The Strayer is nicknamed after Westray Downs, the neighborhood where I grew up in Williamsburg, VA.

  • "The [Strayer with an extra pocket] came in earlier this week, and it's perfect... I've been showing it off at work and everything... I'm about to be one of your biggest promoters, haha. But yea, I love it. I'm ready for It to get that worn, shined look, but in due time right?...Oh, and if the 3 pocket Strayer turns into its own model, I grew up on Sheffield lane!"

    - Brandon "Inventor of the Strayer with Extra Pocket" (Texas, USA)
  • "I just wanted you to know how much I love the [Strayer] wallet you made for me. It is just what I need, and your workmanship and the leather are beautiful. Also, I like the way you do the monogram. It's there and very nice but not too flashy...[also] your swell way of packaging your product, and your business card! VERY NICE."

    - Carson (Georgia, USA)
  • "I received the [Strayer] wallet and your note. First off excellent presentation on the wrap job. I am very pleased with the quality of the wallet as well..."

    - Drew (Oregon, USA)
  • "Thanks for the fast turnaround on this [Strayer]! You've got a customer and advocate for life."

    - Ryan (New York, USA)
  • "Thanks for getting [the Strayer with an extra pocket] out to me! I have always been interested in leatherwork and slim wallets. I am also big into buying things made in America... I really think that what you do is awesome, you have great customer service and it is a great reminder as to why I buy as much as I can that is made in America."

    - Keith (North Carolina, USA)
  • "Derek - received the [Strayer] wallet, it's a work of art, thank you, love it.."

    - Barry (Florida, USA)
  • "Just got [the Strayer] in the mail today and I love it!! I know it'll look even better as the leather wears in. Exactly what I was looking for. My cards fit nicely but snugly into the pockets.. I was impressed with your personal note and packaging too!! Thank you for work sir!!"

    - Brett (Texas, USA)
  • "Received the [Strayer] wallet. Everything I expected. Love the thickness, quality, softness and appearance of the leather. Now will see how it holds up... :-)"

    - Daniel (Washington, USA)
  • "My husband loved the [Strayer] wallet. It's really great. Thanks so much."

    - Candace (Massachusetts, USA)
  • "I received the [Strayer] wallet yesterday and I am very pleased. I think my son will love it too. Thanks again for your great service!"

    - Stella (California, USA)
  • "Thanks so much Derek!... [My boyfriend] loved it and we watched the video of you making it. Thanks so much for such a well made item."

    - Elizabeth (California, USA)
  • "Just pulled [the Strayer] out of my mailbox - exceptional craftsmanship as always, my friend. If [my friend's] name wasn't on it, i might keep it for myself ;) I'll be ordering another one for my pocket soon."

    - Josh (Texas, USA)
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I received [my boyfriend's] wallet today and I think he is going to love [the Strayer]. Thank you so much."

    - Jennifer (New York, USA)
  • "i like [the Strayer] thanx : ), and may i ask for another one in future : )"

    - Muhammed (Dabbouriya, Israel)
  • "Hey Derek I received my [Strayer] wallet and it's perfect! Thank you for keeping in touch and the speedy delivery!"

    - Tyler (Ohio, USA)
  • "I just wanted to tell you that I received the packages!...The comments on the internet are right, you really give excellent service and are close to the customers. As for the Strayer wallet, I absolutely love it. All my important cards fit very well in it and the leather feels very nice. I am looking forward to see how it ages! Once again, thank you very much for everything!"

    - Nicolas (Quebec, Canada)
  • "I just got my Strayer today and it is amazing. I have to tell you this your wallets will be my first and my last. I support what your doing and its a great art keep up the good work!"

    - Matt (California, USA)
  • "Got my Strayer in the mail yesterday and it's even better than I expected. The size is perfect and the color and finish are beautiful. Thanks and I look forward to more of your handmade creations."

    - Stephen (California, USA)
  • "Just got the [Strayer] wallet in today, it is incredible! I'm actually going to order another one in the reddish/brown leather."

    - Josh (Nevada, USA)
  • "I just received the Strayer. I'm thrilled with the purchase. You're a true artisan and the personal touch you put on every package is special. You have a loyal customer for life."

    - Adrian (New Jersey, USA)
  • "I just opened the strayer in the mail today. It looks amazing and works exactly the way I want it to! I'm positive my friend will love it."

    - Toan (Georgia, USA)

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